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Your enterprise has weathered many challenges to reach its current heights. With its success firmly established, the last thing you want is rapidly changing markets, new competition, or a change in command to chip away at its rock-solid foundations. IGNITE Consultants help you get a business strategy locked into place to secure a bright and stable future for your company.

Maximise Your Desired Results

Whether you're handing the reins to the next generation, or planning a graceful departure, the IGNITE Consultation team will craft a seamless succession or business exit strategy to ensure that your company continues to thrive – even without you at its helm.


Consulting Services

Our consulting services apply to all stages of your organisation.  From management consulting at an individual level to company consulting for expert advice on strategic direction.


Think Tank Team

We create streamlined systems to ensure smooth workflows and open communication at all times. Full spectrum analysis enable you to identify existing gaps in current markets, or highlight new frontiers just waiting to be conquered.



At every stage in your plan, IGNITE Consultancy presents you with a wide range of flexible options, each with the same end goal in sight: perpetuating your success.

How we can help your company

Ignite Consulting has only your growth in mind. We cancreate well-crafted exit or succession planning so that your business continues to flourish well into the future. We're also into providing you with metrics and insights that will help propel your business into the future. In all this, you receive only C-level advise as we connect you with professionals who have directed business motion in practices such as executive, operations, technology, marketing, finance and so on.

Our accreditations

The accreditations we hold allow us to remain on the forefront of professional development and sector innovation. We uphold the highest standards in both our business practices and service delivery to ensure integrity and quality of work across all our business divisions.

Chartered Accountants
Australian Institute of Company Directors
The Tax Institute mark of expertise
Tax Practitioners Board
Australian Computer Society

 Broad industry experience

From consulting, finance and government grants to technology, marketing and human resources, we have provided our services to almost every industry across Australia and overseas. Every customer's story is unique and we ensure through our professional network and experienced experts we deliver our business services to the highest standards.

 Client success

"Every one of the staff are amazing and always going over and above, taking time to answer every one of my questions and training me.

They take the time to come to me to make sure I understand my options and give me clear advice on everything from tax, payroll, P&L and everything else."


Becci, Owner of The Tea Collective

Becci F. The Tea Collective

"Since working with the IGNITE team, my startup has been able to reach minimal viable product ahead of schedule with the support I needed.

From marketing and technology support to finance, business strategy and grants, I have been able to build a successful business with peace of mind."


Andrew, CEO of TalentSwot

Andrew R. TalentSwot

 Our latest news and updates

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Even the most profitable enterprises have their fair share of challenges. Ensure your business sails through them smoothly by creating and implementing strategies that stabilise and perpetuate its success.

Inside, you'll find how IGNITE Consultancy:

  • Assists you to get a viable business strategy in place
  • Improves your company's efficiency and creates sleek communication pathways
  • Provides executive-level services to help you achieve short and long-term goals
  • And ensures that your business will stand the tests of time.